Our practitioners are passionate and fully qualified in their fields, eager to improve your physical and mental health. Their approach is not only to treat the symptoms but also the root cause of disease, using nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, and innovative treatments to bring your body, mind, and emotional state back into health

Our team of specialists will help you to achieve your goal in health and beauty.

Medical Team


Dr. Juca is our Medical Director. He specializes in using Regenerative Medicine to treat Chronic Illnesses. He has particular expertise in treating diabetes/neuropathy, fibromyalgia, pain, neurological issues, metabolic obesity, migraines, asthma, and allergies. His prescriptions include natural and homeopathic medicine.

He has an MD with a Masters in Biological Testing and Diagnosis with Certifications in Cellular Medicine, Molecular Diagnostics and PCR polymerase used in weight loss treatments. He offers IV therapy and Chelation as appropriate. He is also a Certified Neural Therapist. He is a Professor at Universidad Catolica de Cuenca teaching Pathology.

In your initial consultation, Dr. Juca will do a comprehensive Medical history and physical exam and order appropriate lab/blood tests. Once that is complete, he will recommend a treatment plan to address your symptoms and illness.

JORGE BUELVAS Internal medicine physician

MD, Universidad Catolica de Cuenca, Medicine & Surgery

Clinical Instructor, Universidad de Cuenca – Internal Medicine

Dr. Buelvas is an Internist who focuses on cardio-pulmonary issues including hypertension, EKG, and chronic and palliative care.

Dr. GUILLERMO QUINDE, MD – Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Guillermo is a Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon who is available for Botox injections, mole removal, scar and wrinkle improvements, as well as consultations for more extensive reconstructive surgeries including facelifts.  He has operating privileges at Monte Sinai Hospital in Cuenca.  He is a Professor of Anatomy at Universidad Catolica de Cuenca and Professor of Surgery at the University of Cuenca. 


Dr. Valdivieso is a Dermatologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair, and nails, including acute and chronic dermatoses, alopecia, abnormally increased sweating, acne, rosacea, nail dystrophies, diabetic ulcers, skin tumors, allergies, etc.

He is a diplomate in Cutaneous Oncology and Mohs micrographic surgery, which is a procedure used to treat skin cancer. Individual layers of cancer tissue are removed and examined under a microscope one layer at a time until all cancer tissue has been removed, minimizing the loss of normal tissue

Also, he offers aesthetic treatments with chemical peels, Botox, hyaluronic acid fillers, body and facial mesotherapy (a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat) and treatment of scars with platelet-rich plasma.

He is a professor at the Catholic University of Cuenca.

SUSANA CAJAMARCA, MD – Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Susana Cajamarca is a specialist in Sports Medicine and a member of GLODEC (Glorias del Deporte Ecuatoriano).

She offers services in the prevention and treatment of injuries and chronic non-contagious diseases such as diabetes, arterial hypertension, neurological disorders, osteoporosis, and obesity through individualized physical activity.

MD, Universidad Catolica de Cuenca

Specialization – Nutrition. Universidad Catolica Argentina

MS, Diabetes – Universidad Austral

Professor, Universidad Catolica de Cuenca -- Nutrition

Dr. Urgiles specializes in treating diabetes, metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, obesity, & nutritional deficiencies. He offers INBODY - a Body Composition Analysis Machine, which gives fat/lean body mass/mineral/body water percentages. He does medication management as well as diet and lifestyle evaluations and recommendations.

ANDRES GARCIA, MD – Osteopath and Trauma Medicine Specialist

MD, Universidad Catolica de Cuenca.

Advanced Training in musculoskeletal issues, emergency medicine, critical care, and trauma medicine.

Dr. Garcia specializes in treating arthritis, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, CVA’s and musculoskeletal Issues focusing on improving quality of life with pain reduction and increased mobility. His specialized treatments include Platelet Rich Plasma, Electrical Muscle Stimulator for muscle injuries, Shockwave Therapy for deep stimulation to reduce chronic pain, ultrasound, mesotherapy, and neural therapy.
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