1What is Casa de Beniestar Natural ?

Casa de Bienestar is a place to dissolve stress and regain or maintain health through integrative therapies.

Our vision is to become a one-stop center for your health and beauty, offering state of the art treatments.

At Casa de Bienestar Natural, we also offer to our seniors a new healthy, happy, and fulfilled life; allowing them to feel young again in our anti-aging department.

2Who are the practitioners at Casa de Bienestar natural?

Our experts provide individualized services to each patient and listen carefully to their concerns. Their approach is to identify and heal the cause of the dis-ease instead of just addressing symptoms. Treatments may include nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, and modalities to bring your body, mind, and emotional state back into balance.

Our practitioners are passionate and fully qualified in their fields, eager to assist you in improving your overall health.

There are specialists in chronic pain management, neural therapy, IV infusions, nutrition, massage therapy, rolfing, detoxification, beauty rejuvenation, cosmetology, balance, life coaching, cupping, etc.

3How long does a Neural Therapy treatment take and how many times do I need it?

Depending on the issue a person is being treated for. A session lasts for 40 to 55 minutes. A person’s body and response will vary with each session. The typical recommendation is 3 to 5 treatments for acute pain, administered one or two times per week.

4What is the difference between IV infusions and oral supplements?

IV(intravenous) therapy is a powerful and immediate way to receive nutrients and minerals in your body unlike oral supplements, which may have as little as 20% absorption after filtering through your digestive system.

5How does IV infusions work?

IV Vitamin Therapy works by administration of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This provides increased cell absorption and 100% bio availability via IV infusion.

6Who administers the IV infusions?

IV treatments are administered by Physicians and licensed Nurses.

7How can DNA testing help you to lose weight?

Our saliva-based DNA/genetic test provides you with detailed information about how your DNA affects your ability to maintain a healthy weight. The test results will assist our practitioners to support your individual weight loss goals with the right supplementation, diet and exercise program.

Our practitioners will help you to gain the practical knowledge to support your individual weight loss goals with the right supplementation, diet and exercise program.

8How hidrolipoclasia help you to lose weight?

Hidrolipoclasia is also known as liposuction without surgery. Saline solution is first injected into the area being treated. It weakens the fatty membrane (adipocytes) which are then dissolved via massage/lymphatic drainage and ultrasound treatment.