What We Do

It is our greatest pleasure to welcome you to Casa de Bienestar, Integrative Health Center, a place to dissolve stress and regain or maintain health through Integrative therapies.

Our vision is to become a one-stop center for your health and beauty, offering state-of-the-art treatments.

At Casa de Bienestar, we also offer to our seniors a new healthy, happy, and fulfilled life; allowing them to feel young again in our anti-aging department.

Our experts provide individualized services to each patient and listen to them. They consider the patient’s experiences, interests, and personal needs. All while maintaining the right channels of communication with them throughout the treatment.


Meet our founder, Danielle Elatri

It all started when I realized something very important. After having closed my business to retire at 73 years of age, my new life wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped. I needed to feel challenged and stimulated through new projects. And I needed to have a purpose in life and continue being of service to others.

It was when I heard friends say: “I’m too old to do this!” that I realized people gave up on themselves after a certain age, and that this influenced the way they saw themselves and the way they related to others. And so, we stop ourselves from doing the things we want to do, just because of our age.

So how can we get past this? It seems ingrained in us like a program gets set off. How can we counter this effect? How can we alleviate certain signs of age? Especially those that affect our health- both physical and mental.

All these questions I was asking myself led to the project I’m delighted to introduce you to the creation of a health center, offering you a diverse range of therapies and treatments, bringing together healing for the body and the mind. The center offers both preventive and curative treatments, and we welcome clients from all walks of life, at any stage of life. We’ll bring you solutions that are adapted to your needs. Our center also offers seniors a new way of approaching life: a life that is healthy, happy and fulfilling, allowing you to feel young again.

‘CASA DE BIENESTAR - Integrative Health Centre’ uses the best of both worlds: conventional and natural medicines, to help you achieve your goal in health and beauty.

Come and visit us. We’d be happy to show you around and introduce you to our team of experts.

Client Testimonials

  • Sumana Harrison
    "I went to Casa Bienestar on Cornelio Merchan and saw Dr. Fernando. He is a practitioner of Integrative Medicine, and I was thrilled with the care I got there. There are several practitioners of other disciplines available. They are half a block behind the 911 building and a block off Av. 10 de Agosto."  
    Sumana Harrison
  • Louise Freeman
    I highly recommend Casa de Bienestar Natural. I was visiting Cuenca for three months and had the good fortune to book an appointment with Dr. Fernando Juca for migraine treatments. Dr. Fernando is professional and attentive. I did the suggested neural therapy and IV infusions and although my chronic migraines have yet to disappear, the frequency and intensity have changed greatly for the better. I really appreciate knowing that with the herbs I took home continuing improvement is a possibility. The Staff of Bienestar is always welcoming and friendly. Many other services are offered. Don't hesitate to check it out.
    Louise Freeman
    I come from a family of doctors, but I been never so impressed by Dr. Fernando Juca. He is absolutely amazing, he was able to put his knowledge about cell growth, natural therapy, and Chinese medicine to take care of me; he took care of my injury, his treatment was close to a miracle. Thank you, Fernando.
  • Mary Finn
    This "Move with Balance" class exceeded my expectations. It was very informative, with useful exercises and also lots of fun.
    Mary Finn
  • Lee Attaworth
    The Balance class was easy with clear direction and help available when I was "Off." Some parts of the exercises are surprisingly difficult. I felt peaceful and grounded after the class. The other participants were great. The music was awesome.
    Lee Attaworth
  • Louise Freeman
    Move with Balance other dimensional exercises. Fun and interesting with immediate perceivable results. And great music.  
    Louise Freeman
  • Dr. D. Elizabeth Cohen
    I really enjoyed and benefited from "Move with Balance." It provided beneficial exercises for the body, mind, and concentration.
    Dr. D. Elizabeth Cohen
  • Sharron Cobb
    I’ve been to a Move With Balance class. Very beneficial!  
    Sharron Cobb
  • Lina Sayco
    Great healer in Gringolandia. Magic hands. Roosevelt has helped me with a serious back injury.  
    Lina Sayco
  • Samir Nate
    I would like to recommend Roosevelt Rojas, who is an excellent rolfing who adds a nice personal touch to his magic hands to make for a great healing experience. I had the recommended 10 sessions series of rolfing with excellent results
    Samir Nate
  • Theresa Price
    One of the most amazing healers I've had the privilege to meet... Roosevelt is the real deal. He understands and practices holistic health
    Theresa Price
  • Nina Sazer O’Donnell
    I consulted Mary for advice on lowering my cholesterol and a post-surgical wound that was slow to heal. She recommended a strategy that dramatically reduced my triglycerides in just 2 months and as a side benefit I lost 8 pounds. She also gave me a plant-based skin salve she compounds based on medicine used in the Amazon. My lingering wound also healed very quickly. Mary’s knowledge and suggestions were easy to use and made a rapid and dramatic difference in my well-being.
    Nina Sazer O’Donnell
  • Kathy, Move With Balance® Student
    Improvement and Benefits Noticed in One One-Hour Move With Balance® Class! I enjoyed today’s session and am so anxious for the next class!  I walked town to El Centro after class today and I felt much more stable and confident..... Thank you. Even after just one hour.
    Kathy, Move With Balance® Student