What Do We do

It is our greatest pleasure to welcome you to Casa de Bienestar, Integrative Health Center, a place to dissolve stress and regain or maintain health through Integrative therapies.

Our vision is to become a one-stop center for your health and beauty, offering state-of-the-art treatments.

Our experts provide individualized services to each client, carefully listening to their concerns and experiences, interests and personal needs. They then develop a mutually agreed-upon treatment plan to meet the client’s goals. We offer translation services if needed, although most of our practitioners are bi-lingual (Spanish/English).


Meet our founder, Danielle Elatri

I established and ran businesses for a long time, however, I realized my passion is to see people get well from terrible conditions.

Over time, I developed a keen awareness of natural and innovative treatments, especially for chronic illness. I came to Cuenca and decided to create Casa de Bienestar – an Integrative Health Center – to share my knowledge and help people continue to live fulfilling lives by regaining and maintaining good health.

Client Testimonials

  • Ann Fourt
    Very fun and enjoyed  Move with Balance class with a spiritual side to it.
    Ann Fourt
  • Mary Finn
    This "Move with Balance" class exceeded my expectations. It was very informative, with useful exercises and also lots of fun.
    Mary Finn
  • Lee Attaworth
    The Balance class was easy with clear direction and help available when I was "Off." Some parts of the exercises are surprisingly difficult. I felt peaceful and grounded after the class. The other participants were great. The music was awesome.
    Lee Attaworth
  • Louise Freeman
    Move with Balance other dimensional exercises. Fun and interesting with immediate perceivable results. And great music.  
    Louise Freeman
  • Dr. D. Elizabeth Cohen
    I really enjoyed and benefited from "Move with Balance." It provided beneficial exercises for the body, mind, and concentration.
    Dr. D. Elizabeth Cohen
  • Sharron Cobb
    I’ve been to a Move With Balance class. Very beneficial!  
    Sharron Cobb
  • Lina Sayco
    Great healer in Gringolandia. Magic hands. Roosevelt has helped me with a serious back injury.  
    Lina Sayco
  • Samir Nate
    I would like to recommend Roosevelt Rojas, who is an excellent rolfing who adds a nice personal touch to his magic hands to make for a great healing experience. I had the recommended 10 sessions series of rolfing with excellent results
    Samir Nate
  • Theresa Price
    One of the most amazing healers I've had the privilege to meet... Roosevelt is the real deal. He understands and practices holistic health
    Theresa Price
  • Nina Sazer O’Donnell
    I consulted Mary for advice on lowering my cholesterol and a post-surgical wound that was slow to heal. She recommended a strategy that dramatically reduced my triglycerides in just 2 months and as a side benefit I lost 8 pounds. She also gave me a plant-based skin salve she compounds based on medicine used in the Amazon. My lingering wound also healed very quickly. Mary’s knowledge and suggestions were easy to use and made a rapid and dramatic difference in my well-being.
    Nina Sazer O’Donnell
  • Kathy, Move With Balance® Student
    Improvement and Benefits Noticed in One One-Hour Move With Balance® Class! I enjoyed today’s session and am so anxious for the next class!  I walked town to El Centro after class today and I felt much more stable and confident..... Thank you. Even after just one hour.
    Kathy, Move With Balance® Student